Melody Makers In The News

Throughout the year we work to bring music to our communities. We travel, sing and participate in fundraising to maintain our county choruses and state choir MMIA.

You can read about some of the things we are up to below.

Marion Co. Extension Chords at 500 track

Again this year the Marion Co. Extension Chords parked cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to raise money for their chorus. Pictured are Phyllis McCormack and Anne Hatton ready with their tickets and money pouches for the thousands of race fans coming to the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

DeKalb County

KPC News
Music, friendship a part of Melody Makers...

Northwest Indiana News - Munster

County Chorus members perform at Purdue and on Tour…
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Starke County

Starke County Choralaires given volunteer award from Golden Living Center for their time spent entertaining and singing with residents. 2011

Tippecanoe County

A place to sing, a place to work hard, a place to laugh, a place to have fun and a place for sisters...listen to what the Chorus and the music they learn means to the Tippi members by clicking below.

You are really missing out if you don’t take the time to watch their video. This one is a “keeper”.

Tippecanoe County web page